Author: Jennifer

  • Lemon, Almond & White Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

    Lemon, Almond & White Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

    Okay… Lemon, Almonds, Lemon, White chocolate… and.. did I mention Lemon??  Holy Cannoli these are soooo good!  The burst of freshness and tang from the Lemon zest mixed with the sweetness of the White Chocolate and topped off with a super amazing crunch… these Biscotti are LIFE! Perfect for any gathering, holiday or just a […]

  • Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

    Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

    Perfect on a Summer day! These Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes are light, filling and packed with endless flavor! Minimal cooking required, fast and easy to make, resulting in a beautiful presentation and satisfying dish. If you are trying to avoid carbs just leave out the Orzo and this is perfect for you. If not, enjoy with […]

  • Orange, Almond & Dark Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

    Orange, Almond & Dark Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

    I have always had a thing for Dark Chocolate and Orange. Something about the combination of these two flavors is just so indulgent and sultry. By adding these flavors to an Almond Biscotti, it takes this cookie from yum to YUM! If you like Orange and you like Dark Chocolate… these Biscotti are for you! […]

  • Tuscan White Bean Soup Recipe

    Tuscan White Bean Soup Recipe

    Soup is one of my favorite things to make. No matter if you are just learning to cook or a seasoned pro, it’s just one of those things that is hard to mess up! In addition to Soups being near fool-proof, they allow you to help exercise a lot of your creativity as well =) […]

  • Clams Casino Recipe

    Clams Casino Recipe

    I just love how pretty these are to look at! They are like tiny little boats carrying some seriously flavorful cargo! Perfect for a snack or appetizer any time… these are sure to please the palate!! Enjoy with a crisp chilled Pinot Grigio to fancy it up =)  

  • Parmesan Crusted Chicken Cutlets Recipe

    Parmesan Crusted Chicken Cutlets Recipe

    If your are a lover of Chicken and Cheese, today is your lucky day!  If Cheese and a Chicken had a baby — this is what it would look like! Juicy, tender white meat, coated in a ultra crispy Parmesan Cheese Crust. One bite of this and you will definitely forget about those good-old fashioned […]

  • Creamy Orzo & Pancetta Recipe

    Creamy Orzo & Pancetta Recipe

  • Puttanesca Sauce Recipe

    Puttanesca Sauce Recipe

    I have always loved the story behind this incredible sauce! Legend has it, that back in the 20th century in Naples, Italy… prostitutes would cook up this spicy, sultry sauce ( as the ingredients were always so readily available ), and lure in their gentleman customers with the irresistible aromas. Customers are known to have  […]

  • Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

    Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

    Did you know Artichokes are actually really large flower buds? These beautiful ancient vegetables are full of symbolism and represent peace, hope and prosperity. Making their big “Debut” in Europe back  in the 1500’s, Artichokes have since become quite common and desirable for many all over the world. Great for dips, Stuffing, Salads and Paninis, […]

  • Pepper and Egg Sandwich Recipe

    Pepper and Egg Sandwich Recipe

    The Pepper and Egg Sandwich has always been a “cozy” kind of sandwich for me. Something about the simplicity of ingredients, the warm bread…is just comfort food in my opinion. Typically you find this sandwich during Catholic Lent, with only Pepper & Egg ( just like the name ) and usually Green Peppers.  As much […]