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  • Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

    Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

    Perfect on a Summer day! These Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes are light, filling and packed with endless flavor! Minimal cooking required, fast and easy to make, resulting in a beautiful presentation and satisfying dish. If you are trying to avoid carbs just leave out the Orzo and this is perfect for you. If not, enjoy with […]

  • Clams Casino Recipe

    Clams Casino Recipe

    I just love how pretty these are to look at! They are like tiny little boats carrying some seriously flavorful cargo! Perfect for a snack or appetizer any time… these are sure to please the palate!! Enjoy with a crisp chilled Pinot Grigio to fancy it up =)  

  • Prosciutto Wrapped Melon Recipe

    Prosciutto Wrapped Melon Recipe

    Super simple, easy, no cooking involved, sweet and salty appetizer perfect for any occasion. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon is a fun and colorful addition to your family party or holiday occasion.

  • Artichoke de Jonghe Recipe

    Artichoke de Jonghe Recipe

    Shrimp de Jonghe was created by a Belgian chef and restaurateur in Chicago many years ago – probably in the ‘20’s. It’s been one of my favorite things to eat since I was about six. I figured since I am Italian from Chicago I wanted to put my spin on it and replace the shrimp […]

  • Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

    Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

    Did you know Artichokes are actually really large flower buds? These beautiful ancient vegetables are full of symbolism and represent peace, hope and prosperity. Making their big “Debut” in Europe back  in the 1500’s, Artichokes have since become quite common and desirable for many all over the world. Great for dips, Stuffing, Salads and Paninis, […]

  • Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

    Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

    Even as a kid, I loved Mushrooms! SO you could imagine the LOVE I have for them now in my Adulthood. Their rich, buttery-ness adds such  an incredible amount of texture and flavor to so many dishes. I will be honest, whenever Mushrooms are on the menu, I’ll take two please! lol  Now, imagine taking […]

  • Bruschetta Recipe

    Bruschetta Recipe

    I don’t know about you, but I could 100% live on Bruschetta! For me, Bruschetta is the best of everything! Freshness, flavor and crunch… it is absolutely delightful! Perfect any time of year, any occasion, for an appetizer, snack or meal, it is PERFECTION no matter what. I never need an excuse to make it […]

  • Shrimp with Pinot Wine Recipe

    Shrimp with Pinot Wine Recipe

    Super light summer dish that has a rich bite with the white wine and it kicks it up a notch with the capers and the scallions! by Frank LaMark – Primo Italians

  • Mussels with Saffron Recipe

    Mussels with Saffron Recipe

    WOW this mussel with saffron really packs a punch! The wine and saffron mix really kicks it up a notch. Add red chili flakes and spice it up!

  • Garlic Butter & Thyme Pan Seared Scallops Recipe

    Garlic Butter & Thyme Pan Seared Scallops Recipe

    These Buttery, Garlic-y, Lemon-y, Thyme-y, Delicious Sea Scallops will practically melt in your mouth!