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  • Parmesan Crusted Chicken Cutlets Recipe

    Parmesan Crusted Chicken Cutlets Recipe

    If your are a lover of Chicken and Cheese, today is your lucky day!  If Cheese and a Chicken had a baby — this is what it would look like! Juicy, tender white meat, coated in a ultra crispy Parmesan Cheese Crust. One bite of this and you will definitely forget about those good-old fashioned […]

  • Ultimate Chicken Parmesan Recipe

    Ultimate Chicken Parmesan Recipe

  • Spicy Sicilian Chicken Recipe

    Spicy Sicilian Chicken Recipe

    Perfect dish for spicy chicken lovers! Super rustic with big chunks of eggplant, potatoes & peppers this Spicy Sicilian Chicken Recipe will sure be a hit with the family. Serve it family style and dig in! by Frank LaMark – PrimoItalians.blog

  • Italian Taco Recipe

    Italian Taco Recipe

    One thing we know for sure is that EVERYONE loves Tacos! And if your like me, you LOVE Italian food too! These italian tacos are such a fun fusion! Easy to eat, and packed with so much flavor!  Just one of these Tacos is super filling so get excited for leftovers =) Try these with […]

  • Veal and Eggplant Recipe – Melanzane di Vitello

    Veal and Eggplant Recipe – Melanzane di Vitello

    I took my 2 favorite Italian dishes, Eggplant Parmesan and Veal Parmesan, and mashed them together! This is a multi step recipe so take your time for every phase is important. by Frank LaMark – PrimoItalians.blog

  • Braised Short Rib Ragu w/ Polenta

    Braised Short Rib Ragu w/ Polenta

    With port wine to elevate the incredibly tender Braised Short Rib, topped with creamy polenta and mascarpone cheese this is a for sure show stopper of a meal! by Frank LaMark – PrimoItalians.blog

  • Fettuccini Frutti di Mare

    Fettuccini Frutti di Mare

    If you are a lover of seafood, this Frutti di Mare recipe is your dish! Fresh Clams & Shrimp are beautifully cooked and infused with so much flavor! This light, buttery, garlicy ,white wine sauce with a hint of spice and bits of tomato, will 100% make you coming back for more! Enjoy with some nice crusty, warm bread to mop up all the leftover flavorful juices in your bowl! Cheers!

  • Chicken Piccata Recipe

    Chicken Piccata Recipe

    This extra-lemony Chicken Piccata recipe is beyond tasty! Browned, flavorful, thinly sliced, chicken breasts, smothered with an ultra rich & creamy lemon gravy of the chicken piccata sauce… WHOA!  And let’s not forget the beautifully briny bite with each caper…. simply MOUTH WATERING!  Beautiful to look at, beautiful to eat, what could be better?!   […]

  • Beef Braciole

    Beef Braciole

    by Frank LaMark – PrimoItalians.blog