Truffle Cream & Porcini Ravioli

Truffle Cream & Porcini Ravioli Recipe

When I lived in New York City, I had a favorite little Italian Trattoria I would go to whenever I had the chance. One of my favorite dished there was only offered on the Special Menu and was a Truffle Cream Ravioli. Somehow, every time I would go to this Trattoria, I would “Luck-Out” and it would be back on the menu. And Trust me…I wasn’t complaining lol.  I loved the dish so much that of course I had to create my own version of it.  Truffle flavor is one of my most favorite flavors. So unique… & quite sexy in my opinion, it can spice up even the already best of dishes at times. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Truffle! This a great dish for a special occasion such as an anniversary or romantic dinner. I simply love to enjoy this dish with a really good Cabernet. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY-  Cheers!

Truffle Cream & Porcini Ravioli

Truffle Cream and Porcini Ravioli Recipe

Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian


  • 1 package Four-Cheese Fresh Raviolior Agnolotti ( Imported )
  • 2 oz Dehydrated Porcini Mushrooms ( reconstituted )
  • 1 tablespoon Butter
  • 3 tablespoons Black Truffle Oil
  • 5 LG Garlic cloves  ( minced  )
  • 2 teaspoons Fresh Parsley ( chopped )
  • Parmesan Cheese  ( to taste )  for serving
  • 2 cups cups warm water
  • Sea Salt  ( for pasta water )
  • Black Truffle Sea Salt ( to taste )
  • Coarse Black Pepper ( to taste )


  • To Reconstitute Porcini Mushrooms:
    In 2 cups Warm Water, steep dried Porcini Mushrooms and let sit20-30 minutes. 
    Using a fine strainer, lined with a paper towel ( to catch any grit ), drain Mushrooms over a bowl and reserve brown liquid from Mushrooms.
    Rinse Mushrooms under fresh cold water to remove any left over grit.
    Set aside.
    For Truffle Cream Sauce:
    In a large skillet over medium / low heat, add 3 Tbsp Black Truffle Oil.
    Once Oil is heated, add minced Garlic & pinch of Black Truffle Sea Salt. Cook until fragrant and slightly golden in color.
    *Add Mushrooms and strained Mushroom liquid to skillet. Raise heat to medium setting.
    *Add pinch of Black Pepper
    *Let simmer about 10 minutes to reduce liquid.
    Add 1/2 cup Heavy Cream, stir.
    Let simmer another 7-8 minutes, then reduce heat to lowest setting while waiting for Ravioli to be ready. Stirring occasionally.
    For Ravioli or Agnolotti:
    In a large pot, bring 6 cups water for water to a gentle boil.
    Once Water is boiling, add heaping pinch of Sea Salt.
    Carefully add the pasta into the Water.
    Allow Pasta to cook about 5-6 minutes
    Carefully remove with a strainer & place in skillet with sauce.
    Raise heat back up to low / medium
    Gently stir to coat the pasta, about 3 minutes.
    Using a large spatula, scoop out and serve on a plate.
    Garnish with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese & Fresh Parsley
    Buon Appetito e Mangia Bene!
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